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Architectural Content Development

We help Architects develop and manage a rich library of Revit families and details. Our experienced team of architects can support our client’s BIM managers to make optimized parametric families as well.

With our BIM content development specialist team, we can create parametric families of high quality from 2D sketches or even from a free hand sketch received. We also add the information needed to the generate 3D model. We make sure that the prototype contains submissions, manufacture descriptions, product code and all the other information.

Some Examples of Architectural Parametric Content Creations are:

·  Seats

·  Doors & Windows

·  Kitchen Cabinets and Drawer

·  Fixture Furniture and Equipment

·  Stairs & Railing

·  Care Cart and Desk

·  Caseworks

·  Interior Decoration Accessories

·  Mechanical Fixtures

·  Plumbing Fixtures

·  Electrical Fixtures

·  Structural Components (Column, Beam, etc.)

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