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COBie Integration

COBie is a service which is closely linked to BIM services. It is one of the international standards associated with handling space and equipment-related information. COBie refers to "Construction Operations Building information exchange". This format helps you to collect the data and record them in a substantial format that can be used later for Facility Management.

Pan Gulf Technologies provides comprehensive solutions with COBie for architectural, structural, mechanical , electrical and plumbing services to AEC companies, suppliers, contractors and owners.

Our COBie Modeling service offerings include:

  Create spreadsheets for COBie standardisation of component details.

  Retain a fast data retrieval database during building and maintenance.

  Build BIM 3D Data Sharing Models with COBie format.

  Build architectural, structural and MEP models for interchangeability of details.

  Collect data from the project and provide sections list.

  Maintain components database for facility management. 

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