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BIM Audit Services

Pan Gulf’s BIM auditing services helps contractors identify discrepancies and inadequacies of the input design model and contract drawings. Major clashes are identified in the Design model helping the GC to report them to the Owner. We also compare the contract drawings with the design model and make sure all specifications are matched with the specified BIM standards.

Our BIM Audit Checklist  consists of: 

·   Compliance with the procedures and requirements

·   Compliance with BIM implementing protocol

·   BIM capability evaluation for all of the complexity of the project

·   Verification of model accuracy against intended design

·  All drawing and other schedule outputs were managed according to the standards and requirements

·   Is regular Model Review & Model Checking followed and reported?

·   Federated model used for 3D alignment & identification of clashes

·   Federated model used for scheduling, preparation and programming (4D BIM)

·   Federated model used for take-off and cost management of quantities (5D BIM)

·   Performance Analytic Models (6D BIM)

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