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Project Name:

Hotel Building

Project Location:

San Diego, California

Client Type:  


Software Used:


PGT Scope:

PGT’s scope was SD stage modelling of a Hotel which had to include some certain available DD stage inputs and façade treatments along with documentation.

Project Description:

The project consisted of a Seven- Story Hotel building with 180 guestrooms, a lobby, breakfast area, fitness room, restaurant/bar, meeting space and separate retail space. The building had a concrete podium with wood framed structure above with exterior cladding of stone, brick, stucco, glass, and a variety of metal cladding.

Project Deliverables:

  3D BIM Model in Revit

  Schematic drawings

Solution provided by PGT:

The project being at Schematic stage had some amount of ongoing design changes/alterations. PGT was proactive in identifying and communicating certain design and accessibility issues to the customer while executing the project.

Benefits / Challenges:

The obvious challenge was to understand the expectation/need of a new Customer/Project and delivering a quality product in a short/tight schedule.

Client feedback /appreciation if any?:

  Overall, I looked at the model today and it looks like its coming along well. Thank you. Let’s keep it moving forward and building up.

  Thank you for the updates. The model is looking really good! I will get with the design team hopefully today and see there are any more specifics. It looks almost nearly complete.


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