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Interior Designing Services

By using BIM, we are able to deliver a solution that is quicker and more effective for our Interior Design clientele. Whatever the project's specialization such as corporate, hospitality, retail, using our BIM services, our customers quote some main advantages:

·  The speed and simplicity with which we can create a blueprint for interior design combined with the ability to imagine the concept in a virtual 3D environment.

·  Our ability to capture and control the concept in a single model as multiple options that can vary everything from space layout to material selection.

·  The richness and durability of the data expressed in the knowledge about buildings design elements. It is important for early tasks, such as spatial schematics, master scheduling and for exact design activities such as quantification, costing, and eventually for well-coordinated documentation.

We can assist you by using:

·  AutoCAD

·  Revit

·  3DS Max

·  Lumion

·  V-ray

·  Sketchup

·  Navisworks

·  Photoshop 

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