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Areas of Expertise

A. Commercial:

Our Commercial expertise includes work on Airports, Schools, Hospitals, Malls, Hotels, Museums etc. Our teams can take up the coordination required for commercial projects with communication being the integral part of project execution, for past paced and constantly changing design elements for modern commercial projects, we ensure that we keep you informed about the project progress, RFIs, as well as Engineering progress, and in order to make sure there are no bottlenecks in fast track commercial projects.

B. Residential:

Our residential experience includes Single family, Multi-family residences along with High rises as well. Since Structural steel is often along with concrete and wood for residential projects, our team makes sure that the areas where these projects may get bottlenecked are highlighted at the start of the project so as to keep information input available when the need for the same arises. We have worked on projects that range from 100 tons residential with wood and concrete as well as high rise structures with heavy steel connections.

C. Industrial

Our industrial project experience includes from petrochemical plants and refineries to cement plants, oil and gas facilities and civil infrastructure structures.
We use our expertise in Tekla and SDS to ensure Industrial projects are fast tracked from day one. We have successfully used macros for fast tracking Industrial projects for many pipe rack projects as well as petrochemical plants and refineries.

D. Specialty

Our speciality structures are some of the most complex and fast-tracked projects that we have executed, and Pan Gulf is one of the few firms that is an expert in projects that are structurally complex and time sensitive. We have demonstrably executed structurally challenging as well as fast paced projects such as Museums, Large Warehouses, Data Centres, Metro Stations, Airport Hangars and many more. Our ability to utilise resources specific to the challenges of Specialty projects while dynamically leveraging our talent pool to increase or decrease resource allocation in different structural challenging areas, have given Pan Gulf an unmatched competitiveness in timely quality delivery of Speciality projects.

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