MEP Contractor / Education / Middle School Project in Florida, USA

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Project Name:

Middle School Project in Florida, USA

Client Type:  

MEP Contractor

Software Used:



PGT Scope:

  MEP Modelling at LOD 300 Level

  Clash Coordination

  Participate in local BIM Coordination Meetings from India via a virtual medium

  Preparation of Shop Drawings

Project Description:

The building consists of 5 Floors (Basement, First to 3rd and Roof). The building is divided into 9 different parts.

Project Deliverables:

  3D Revit Model

  Shop Drawings

  Penetration drawings

  Tilt wall Penetration Drawings

Solution provided by Pan Gulf:

The Project Model is set on the BIM 360 and access to both Client and PGT, so there was regular monitoring of the project that easily resolves any issues and the timeline of the project was achieved. 

Benefits / Challenges:

  As per the scope, first we had to submit the Penetration Drawings of Plumbing Drawings and that to when no other services/trades are fully modelled.

  In this project, PGT participated as active BIM Coordinator in the BIM Coordination meetings and highlighted the issues/clashes of all trades and resolved it on time.

Client Feedback:

I very happy to hear of the great progress you and your team have completed. 

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