Structural Consultant / Residential / Mixed-use Building in Las Vegas, USA

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Project Type:

Mixed-use Building in Las Vegas, USA

Client Type:

Structural Consultant

Software Used:

        •  Revit
        •  Navisworks
        •  Google Maps

PGT Scope:

Create 3D BIM Model at LOD 300 for Existing Steel Structure based on legacy PDFs and current existing conditions marked up on those PDFs

Project Deliverables:

        •  3D Model in Revit
        •  Navisworks file

Benefits / Challenges:

PGT had received two sets of drawings in PDF format - one from year 2000 and the other from year 2006. Additionally, some red line markups were made on the PDFs to capture the existing conditions. Because of these different sets of documents, it was challenging to understand the old documents and match with the Existing Structure to create an accurate Revit model.

Solution provided by PGT:

To resolve the conflict and match the Revit model with the Existing structure we referred Google Map street 3D view images and created multiple RFIs to get information from the client and surveyor.

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