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Project Name:

School Building in Belgium

Client Type:  

Design Build Contractor

Project Type:  


Software Used:




PGT Scope:

  Create 3D BIM Model at LOD 300 in accordance with the 2D plans provided.

  Coordination between Stability, Architect, Rebar and MEP Trades.

Project Description:

In this school project, some part of the existing building is to be demolished and re-built.

Project Deliverables:

  3D Revit Model

  Navisworks Coordinated File

Benefits / Challenges:

PGT has received all file in Dutch language, which was quite challenging to model from those data, so we found out a few generally used words to understand the drawings.

Solution provided by Pan Gulf:

There were many clashes among different trades (Architectural, Stability, Rebar and MEP. We used BIM Collab for collaboration with client as well as within the team too. 

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