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Client Confidentiality

Pan Gulf Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is associated with major corporations worldwide and client confidentiality is a matter of topmost priority for the organization. All information pertaining to the designs and drawings are collated, shared, monitored and transferred back to the customer only by 'Authorized Personnel'.

Confidential information is limited within the organization and shared only by the concerned employees. If information has to be shared with authorities, it is done only upon receipt of Clients consent.

In order to avoid, disclosure of sensitive information, Pan Gulf Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ensures;

  • Meticulous assessment of staff during and after recruitment
  • Induction training of new staff on confidentiality, privacy and record keeping policy and procedures
  • Yearly staff training and informing staff of any changes to policies
  • Security systems in place to monitor and record computer access to information
  • Security systems in place to regulate level of access to information for different staff
  • Informing appropriate authorities in case of any breach