Architecture / Residential Building

  Single Family Residence

BIM Model includes slabs/floors, walls, roofs, roof hatches, doors, windows, stairs, Floor Finishes, and Ceiling, Electrical, Generic movable furniture, Preparation of Drawing Sheet...More

  Mixed-use Building

The project consists of two levels of underground parking and 10 towers consisting of Residential, Retail and Hotel scattered across the site...More

  Residential Project in Belgium

3D modelling of the residential project consists of 1 parking and 3 residential blocks with of units...More

  Single Family Home in New York

Create Revit Model using Point Cloud Data...More

  Twin-Residence Buildings

Revit Modelling: Converting the input Architectural drawings and markups into a Revit Architectural model...More

  Multi-family Residential Project

Revit Modelling, DD & CD Documentation: Modelling of Casework/Cabinets, Floors, Flooring Finish, Ceilings, Balconies...More

  Mixed-Use Project

360,000 Sq. Ft. of mixed used building. It is a colossal project comprised of 14 Unique Unit Types & 182 Units. Pan Gulf..More

  4 Units Townhomes

PGT’s scope was to create LOD 300 model including Architectural, Structural discipline which had to include Exterior and Interior building element, Furniture, Lighting, Wood structure, CMU structure modelling along with documentation...More

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