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Project Type:

4 Units Townhomes

Project Location:


Software Used:


PGT Scope:

PGT’s scope was to create LOD 300 model including Architectural, Structural discipline which had to include Exterior and Interior building element, Furniture, Lighting, Wood structure, CMU structure modelling along with documentation.

Project Description:

The project consisted of a two-story building including 4 house units. It includes monolithic Foundation, CMU walls at first floor level and wooden stud walls at second floor level, wood trusses, Wall and Floor Sheathing, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom Furniture, sloping Roof and Exterior Banding for exterior elevation purpose.

Area in Sq. Ft. (if available)

8,500 sq.ft.

Project Deliverables:

        • 3D Model in Revit
        • Wood Framing Model from Revit
        • Model based drawings

Solution provided by PGT:

PGT received different set of input 2Ddrawings from Architect and Truss shop drawings from Truss designer. PGT clubbed all this information including client standards and highlighted the issues to the customer while executing the project. Client did not have wall stud, Roof and Floor Sheathing drawings with them, PGT created model from client instruction and developed drawings for the client.

Benefits / Challenges:

The challenge was to understand the expectation/need of a new Customer/Project and delivering a quality product in a short/tight schedule.

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