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Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering

Optimized Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering is very important as availability and cost of Industrial Plots is becoming crucial day by day. Pan Gulf Technologies Civil-Structural team provides optimized design considering local geographical conditions like seismic zones, wind, temperature, humidity, vibration etc. Our team can provide help from earthwork cut & fill analysis to the complete building design and detailing.

Our structural team understands the importance of structural optimization which results in reduced capital expenditure and project duration. We have proficiency in Technological Structures like Process Plants, Pipe Racks, CONCRETE structures like Control Rooms, Sub Stations, etc.

Under Architectural, our focus points are as follows: (Architectural Services for Industrial Buildings)

   Safety: It is crucial that all buildings have safe construction and meet local building codes and zoning regulations. But this is even more important for industrial buildings, where there are often more dangers than the average home or office building. In most cases, an industrial facility features heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals, and other hazards. Good industrial building construction must keep safety in mind.

   Spatial Requirements: Designing buildings for people to move through them is one thing. Designing buildings that need to house inventory, allow for vehicles such as forklifts and loaders, as well as people to be able to move freely through them, is quite another.

  Other Industrial Requirements: Ventilation, storage racks, catwalks and other elements that do not often appear in other types of buildings are commonplace in industrial buildings.

Software used by Civil-Structural Team are like AutoCAD Civil 3D, Staad Pro, CADS RC, ROBOT, SAP 2000, SOFI CAD, ETABS, etc. Other software can also be used based on project requirements.

Under Civil-Structural Engineering, we offer following services:

  Preparation of Design Basis Document

  Design & Detailing for Building Foundations (Deep & Open Foundations)

  Design and Detailing for Concrete Structures & Structural Buildings

  Warehouse Design and Detailing

  Preparation of GA Drawings, Fabrication & Erection Drawings

  Optimized BOM Preparation

  Under Ground Utility Design and Detailing

  Rehabilitation of Buildings / Structures

  Life Assessment Audits for Structures

Under Infrastructure Development, we offer following services:

  Soil / Earthwork Cut & Fill Analysis

  Design & Detailing for Roads and Pavements

  Design & Detailing for Storm Water Management System

  Design & Detailing for Cross Country Pipelines

  Design & Detailing for Bridges & Culverts

  Plant Compound Wall Design & Detailing

  Design & Detailing for Water Retaining Structures

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