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Project Name:

Decolorization Skid

Project Location:

United Arab Emirates

Client Type:  

Process Equipment Manufacturing, Maintenance & Repair Services

Software Used:


PGT Scope:

3D Modelling and Detailed Engineering Services

Project Deliverables:

  Equipment Layout

  3D model for PDMS Software

  Piping MTO

  Structural MTO

  Structural Analysis Report

  Structure GA Drawings

  Piping Isometric Drawings

  Electrical & Instrumentation Bulk Materials List

  Earthing Layout

  Lifting & Transportation Analysis

Solution provided by Pan Gulf:

Detailed Engineering Services for Pre-filter & Post filter skid (4 Skids). Refinery Discharge was Decolorized before releasing to Treatment Process. These skids were to be transported via 2 ways – Roads and Sea. Transportation Analysis was critical factor for Skid stability. Further, this is a Modular Project. Skids will be placed on site and will be brough into operation in a least possible time like Plug & Play Technology. Great care was taken for Operation & Maintenance movements.  

Benefits / Challenges:

This was a modular project. Operating and Maintenance easiness was also given importance.

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