Structural Steel / Healthcare / Hospital project at Minot, North Dakota

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Project Name:

Hospital project at Minot, North Dakota

Client Type:

Structural Steel Fabricator

Software Used:


PGT Scope:

Structural Steel detailing for Main & Misc. Steel

Project Description:

Project is the new hospital complex for the Hospital based in Minot, North Dakota. This is a non-profit organization with more than 150 physicians and is the largest employer in Minot.

Project Deliverables:

  3D Model in Teklal

  Erection & Shop Drawings


  KISS / NC Files

  Engineering Design and Calculations for Connections

  Design and Calculations for Stairs and Handrails

Solution provided by PGT:

Being a commercial healthcare facility, the need for coordination and communication was paramount for the successful execution of the project. PGT took the lead in handling communication with the fabricator and regularly updated our Client with detailed information through RFIs affecting our scope and/or progress. PGT actively participated in General Contractor meetings with all trades and identified bottle necks due to conflicting information and pushed on critical RFIs. This helped in getting information communicated across multiple trade vendors and kept us on track with delivery schedule. Our QA and QC teams worked in conjunction to ensure error free delivery. 

Benefits / Challenges:

PGT’s eye for detail, thorough documentation, timely communication of critical areas where lack of information or conflicting information was noticed, PGTs active collaboration with our fabricator client to keep project on track and error free was a key contributor to the success of the project.

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