Rebar / Hotel-Hospitality / Hotel & Residential Development in Ireland

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Project Name:

Hotel & Residential Development in Ireland

Client Type:

Structural Consultant

Software Used:

AutoCAD with CADS-RC

PGT Scope:

Preparation of RC Shop drawings along with BBS for following:


  Basement to Upper floor slab

  Transfer Beams


  Core Walls


  Retaining walls

  UG water Tank

  Pipe Trenches


  Ramp Slab

  Ramp Walls

  Electric Substation


176 Nos. Drawings

Project Description:

Currently under construction, this is a hotel & residential building located at Dublin, Ireland, expected to complete by 2021. The Development of 140-bedroom hotel and residential with Basement plus 2 towers of 5 upper floor & 8 upper floors, respectively. Pan Gulf provided detailed drawings using AutoCAD / CAD-RC and provided the accompanying technical and general specification within an agreed duration.

Project Deliverables:

  2D RC Shop drawings

  Bar Bending Schedule

Solution provided by PGT:

PGT was provided with the Revit model, GA drawings and design intents for all RC members in the scope of work. Based on these inputs, PGT prepared the RC Shop drawings and Bar bending schedules in the required formats.

Benefits / Challenges:

Numerous changes dealt & incorporated within very short timeframe.

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