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Legacy Data Conversion

Legacy data conversion is useful for old or aging plants. Pan Gulf Technologies Plant Engineering team has a previous experience for working with Owner-Operators. With this experience, old plant available data can be upgraded to current situation of plant. Legacy Data Conversion is useful in case of following:

   Modification / Upgrade of the Plant

   Shifting of Plant

   Change of Product with same plant set-up

   Old Plant with no historical data availability

   Very old historical data with poor readability

Offerings under Legacy Data Conversion are:

   Digitalization of Data
(Conversion of Hard Prints into Digital Format)

   Upgrade of old P&IDs to As-Built P&IDs
(with site mark ups)

   Upgrade of Plant Layout to As-Built Layout
(with site mark ups)

   Regeneration of Vendor Data

   Migration of Design / Drawings Platform

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