Rebar / Residential / Luxury Residential Apartments in London

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Project Name:

Luxury Residential Apartments in London

Client Type:

RC Frame Contractor

Software Used:


PGT Scope:

Preparation of RC Shop drawings for Substructure & Superstructure elements along with BBS

Tonnage / No of drawings:

192 Nos

Project Deliverables:

RC drawings & Bar Bending Schedule generation for the following elements :

  Basement up-to Level 10 slabs + Roof Slab

  Foundation Pile Caps

  Lift pit

  RC Walls

  Core walls

  RC Columns

  Staircores & Landings

Solution provided by PGT:

PGT was provided with GA drawings and design intents for all RC members in the scope of work. Based on these inputs, PGT had prepared the RC Shop drawings in CADS-RC and Bar bending schedules in Excel.

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