Structural Steel / Metro Rail / Metro Rail Station Parking Garage in Denver, Colorado, USA

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Project Name:

Metro Rail Station Parking Garage in Denver, Colorado, USA

Client Type:

Structural Steel Fabricator

Software Used:


PGT Scope:

Model Creation in SDS/2, Structural Steel detailing for Main & Misc. Steel


200 Tons

Project Deliverables:

  3D Model in SDS/2

  Erection & Shop Drawings


  KISS / NC Files

Solution provided by PGT:

It was a fast-paced project with majority of PGT scope being in the miscellaneous steel. PGT actively participated in Coordination with other trades for timely delivery and completed project on schedule.

Benefits / Challenges:

Fast paced projects with majority of our work in miscellaneous steel as our scope meant, PGT had to be agile and proactive in making sure there were no issues related to coordination from other trades since the start of the projects. Actively participating in coordination meetings and pursuing pressing RFIs, seeking clarifications on conflicting information, we were able to speed up our miscellaneous steel detailing without slow down while covered in time with the main steel scope with the overall project completed within agreed schedule, save for few last minutes changes in design.

Client feedback /appreciation if any?

Customer started a Dedicated Resource Center with us after successful execution of this project along with more projects with different challenges where we proved as a valuable partner.

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