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Project Name:

Mixed-used Building

Project Location:


Client Type

General Contractor

Project Type


Software Used:


PGT Scope:

PGT’s scope is to create an LOD 300 Structural model of a Residential + Retail complex for Construction purpose as per Belgium Codes, Standards and Articles.

Project Description:

The project consists of two levels of underground parking and 10 towers consisting of Residential, Retail and Hotel scattered across the site.

Project Deliverables:

  3D Model in Revit.

  Construction drawings

Solution provided by PGT:

PGT is involved in working alongside customer and suggesting better/effective ways of performing tasks wherever and whenever possible. Along with this, PGT is also involved in communicating if any standard/code in the project file does not meets the Belgium Standards, keeping the timely deadlines in schedule.

Benefits / Challenges:

The major challenge was to learn, understand and pass on to our team members the Belgium codes and standard of BIM modelling along with Dutch construction terminologies. Furthermore, PGT had started creating the Structural model at an earlier stage when a Structural Engineer was not finalised for the project. Thus, we had to use Preliminary Architectural drawings to identify, interpret and create a Structural model keeping in mind the possibility of revisions to avoid future rework as much as possible.

Client feedback /appreciation if any

  Stay of PGT staff in Belgium has been successful. I am satisfied over the complete line of their service.

  I did a quick overlook on the layout, for me, this is good. Good work. Thanks.

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