Architecture / Residential / Multi-family Residential Project

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Project Name:

Multi-family Residential Project

Client Type:

General Contractor / Architect

Project Type:


Software Used:

Revit 2020

PGT Scope:

Revit Modelling, DD & CD Documentation: Modelling of Casework/Cabinets, Floors, Flooring Finish, Ceilings, Balconies, Stair, Elevator, Storefront Adjustments, Railings (Incl. Stairs), Roof, Drains, Landscape/Civil/Sidewalk, Rooms, etc.

Project Deliverables:

  3D BIM Model in Revit

  Model based drawings in PDF & CAD formats

Benefits / Challenges:

We have a split of work in this Project between Client & PGT. We have a list of items that PGT is working on and coordinating with the rest items with the Client. It is quite challenging to breakdown the limits of work in the Project and complete/provide the deliverables as per milestones.

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