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Project Name:

Outward Bound Training Centre

Project Location:


Client Type:  


Software Used:






PGT Scope:

  Create 3D BIM Model at LOD 300 for Coordination between Landscape, Architectural & Structural, Construction Documents.

  Generating 3D Rendered Images.

Project Description:

This project comprised of school buildings, recreational areas and landscape designed on a contour site with minimal cutting/filling of soil, creating multiple level differences and stepped design.

Project Deliverables:

  Revit Model

  Navisworks Coordinated File

  Rendered Images

Benefits / Challenges:

Design of this project was progressing along with the BIM models with continuous exchange of information as well as RFI’s. Pan Gulf Team worked along with the Design Team, identifying, and suggesting solutions in some design related conditions. Pan Gulf used effective collaboration and communication tools to address the back and forth along with completing the project in required tight timeline.

Solution provided by Pan Gulf:

The project had to be completed in a short period of time. We had created and shared a Delivery schedule splitting the project work in such a fashion that Customer and Pan Gulf were both able to work and share any mark-ups simultaneously without hampering the deliverable milestones and quality.
Client Feedback:
Thank you very much for the drawings and the renders.
Just had a quick look through them now. Everything looks good.
Thank you for pushing this through and meeting this deadline, much appreciated.

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