Precast / Office Building / Precast Units for a Mixed-Use Development in the UK

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Project Name:

Precast Units for a Mixed-Use Development in the UK

Client Type:

Precast Fabricator

Software Used:

Tekla, AutoCAD

PGT Scope:

Generation of Shop drawing and BBS from the 3D Model in Tekla & AutoCAD

Project Description:

The Project was a mixed-use development in the UK. This mixed-use development would frame the current Shell Tower to shape a world-class destination with new public spaces, state-of-the-art facilities, and some of the city's most stunning views.

Project Deliverables:

  Shop Drawings from 3D Model for Precast Elements, to be produced in Tekla

  RC Shop Drawings prepared in AutoCAD

  BBS in MS Excel format

Solution provided by PGT:

PGT worked in a “Tekla Model Share” environment along with the client, in real time collaboration with the client, where the model was being updated constantly in terms of GA and inputs from the client end, and PGT was updating and working on the same Model for all Precast element details and extracting and producing the shop drawings for the precast elements. First, the Unit Drawings had to be extracted from the Tekla Model, and then the RC drawings were prepared using AutoCAD along with the generation of BBS using MS Excel.

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