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Process Engineering

Under Process Engineering, we have experienced Chemical Engineers. With this, our team is able to understand the concepts / Conceptual Design put forth by our customers. With mutual discussions, optimization in overall process and detailed engineering is also possible. Under Process Engineering, following services are offered.

·  Preparation of P&IDs & PFDs

·  Hydraulic Sizing – Piping Sizing & Pressure Drop Calculations

·  Heat & Mass Balance Calculations

·  Preparation of safety Interlock and Trip Diagram

·  Preparation of Hazardous Area Classification Drawings

·  Preparation of Utility Diagrams

·  Preparation of Tender for Process Package etc.

·  HAZOP & HAZID Studies

·  Process Data sheet, Equipment sizing

·  Process, Safety & Energy Audits

We have software proficiency in Unisim / HYSIS for Plant Modelling, Pipesim for steady state hydraulics, Pipeline Studio (TGNET / TLNET) for transient & dynamic hydraulics of pipelines, blowdown and surge.

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