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Project Type:

Residential Building

Client Type:

Precast Fabricator in Belgium

Software Used:


PGT Scope:

Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings and Shop Drawings along with BBS

Project Description:

It was a cluster of 3 Buildings in which PGT’s scope was to prepare the detailed engineering package (General Arrangement Drawings, Shop Drawings – Unit Drawings and RC Drawings) and BBS (bar bending schedule). The total number of units were 1056 drawings. There were multiple design changes in this project which resulted in a lot of coordination with multiple stakeholders. 

Project Deliverables:

  Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings

  Preparation of Shop Drawings along with BBS

Solution provided by PGT:

As an input PGT received Architectural Plans, Façade Elevation, Builders Work Drawings, Connection Details etc. Taking this information PGT prepared the General Arrangement Drawings, Shop Drawings along with BBS. 

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