Rebar / Recreational / Sports complex & Tennis Club

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Project Name:

Sports Complex & Tennis Club

Client Type:

Consulting Engineers

Software Used:


PGT Scope:

Preparation of RC Shop drawings for various RC elements along with Bar Bending Schedule.


10 Tonnes

Project Deliverables:

RC drawings & Bar Bending Schedule generation for the following elements:





Project Description:

This project was for construction of an additional floor over the existing single storey (12.5 metres high), flat roofed tennis hall, presently comprising indoor courts 1 and 2, to provide two additional indoor tennis courts (totalling 1,240 square metres gross floor space) at second floor level.

Solution provided by PGT:

PGT was provided with GA drawings and design intents for all RC members in the scope of work. Based on these inputs,PGT prepared the RCShop drawingsin CADS-RC and Bar bending schedule using Excel.

Benefits / Challenges:

Major coordination efforts involved, between existing structure and the new Proposed structure to be built.

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