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Project Name:

Supercritical Solvent De-asphalting (SDA) Unit

Project Location:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client Type:  

Technology Provider in Oil & Gas Sector

Software Used:


PGT Scope:

3D Modelling and Detailed Engineering Services

Project Deliverables:

  Equipment Layout

  Piping Layout

  Pipe Rack Design & Detailing

  Foundation Layouts

  Isometrics and Pipe Stress Analysis

  Cable Tray Layout, SLDs, Instrument Index

  3D Model Review (30%, 60% & 90%) for PDMS Software

Solution provided by Pan Gulf:

Pan Gulf Technologies involvement started from the Optimized Layout Preparation till Preparation of Bulk MTOs. All Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards were followed for this project. Continuous Customer Interaction was a key factor for this project. 

Benefits / Challenges:

This was a modular project. ARAMCO standards were referred. Layout and other Plant Arrangements were strictly as per standards. Operating and Maintenance easiness was also given importance.

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