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Architecture modeling & CD Set preparation for a commercial mixed-use project

  • The Site consists of two buildings connected by a sky bridge on a site area of 1.38 acres.
  • The parking and site is to be developed and analysed complying with the ADA norms
  • The interior of the buildings is an open floor plan and the major development and detailing is in the facades.
  • The walls are a combination of metal stud walls with various claddings and storefront.


Architecture modeling & CD Set preparation for an Office Building

Project: Office building involving tilt-up walls construction

Software Used: Revit

BIM Scope

LOD 300 BIM Modeling for Building Façade & Tilt-up Wall panels

Preparation of 100% CD set


Architecture & Structure Modeling for a commercial building project

Project Description: 45,000 sf Commercial Building

Software Used: Revit, Navisworks


  • Architecture and Structure modelling
  • Coordination of A+S model with given MEP models using Navisworks


Architecture and Masonry Veneer Modeling for a Convention Center Project

Client: Architect and Façade sub-contractor

Project: Approx. 35,000 sf convention center

PGT Scope:

  • Preparation of Architecture Revit model
  • Preparation of Masonry Veneer Façade model and Shop Drawings


Architecture, Structural & Landscape BIM for an Outbound Corporate Training Center

Project: 55,000 sf Corporate Training Center

Software Used: Revit, V-Ray

PGT Scope:

  • Preparation of LOD 300 3D BIM Model for Architecture & Structural and Landscaping & Civil.
  • Rendering using V-Ray
  • Preparation of Construction drawings