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PGT's unique approach to BIM

With a BIM philosophy which is Lean, involves Lateral thinking and has a flexibility to be Tailored to client specific / non-standard requirements, PGT has evolved a Practicable, Predictable and Proficient way of BIM work sharing which helps our clients deliver quality BIM projects with measurable time & cost efficiencies.. More

PGT Carnival 2017

PGT has always cared for the employees, they being the core strength of the business; this was reflected in this year’s Annual Meet – PGT Carnival. A grand event opened with enchanting “Ganesh Vandana” performance and was excitingly complimented with a bunch of exquisite singing and dancing performances...More

Osteoporosis Awareness Program

Osteoporosis can be characterized as a condition in which the bone mass and quality deteriorates making them fragile and more prone to fractures. The bone in our body undergoes a constant process of new bone formation and resorption of old bone. Sometimes, there occurs an imbalance in this process resulting in decreased ....More

PGT Carnival 2019

This glorious event of PGT carnival was held at “The Blue Roof Club” on 2nd February 2019. A skit on – Typical Work Day at PGT revived everyone’s workplace memories and showcased the fact that even in pressure conditions how PGTians take their assignments positively and give their best to serve the purpose ....More

CPR / Lifesavers Course

“Lifesavers Course ” by Dr. Hrushikesh Vaidya, who is the Medical Director in Horizon Prime Hospital. This training was helpful for Non medico person. In this Training multiple topics were covered like Do's & Don'ts during Heart attack, Do's & Don'ts in Road Traffic Accidents, How to handle Stroke, Any kind of day to day medical Emergencies....More

Republic Day 2020 Celebration

Republic Day is a memorable day for all Indians. We all at PGT celebrated this special occassion in an enthusiastic way in our office on Friday, 24th January 2020 followed by tricolor theme dresscode. Quiz contest was organised based on the topics like Republic Day, Famous Personalities, Indian Constitution and Current Affairs. ....More

AOC Show 201: Global Collaboration for Local Construction

It’s our great pleasure to announce our newest podcast featured on AOC Show. Listen now to learn about Pan Gulf Technologies’ philosophies on business, BIM, and serving the AEC industry, and showcase the team Pan Gulf Technologies has put together for the client took their built projects to. ....More

PGT COVID-19 Vaccination Dive at Lodha Office

PGT is committed to make workplaces safe and ensure that employees are less vulnerable to the COViD risks. And since, vaccine is the only answer to this pandemic situation, we got ourselves vaccinated. Keeping this in mind, PGT advised those employees who were unable to avail the on-site vaccination due to their present residing locations far off from Lodha I-Think Techno Campus, Thane ....More