Precast / Office Building

  Precast Units for a Mixed-Use Development in the UK

The Project was a mixed-use development in the UK. This mixed-use development would frame the current Shell Tower to shape a world-class destination with new public spaces, state-of-the-art facilities, and some of the city's most stunning views. ....More

  Precast Units for a Residential Project, in the UK

Preparation of 3D Models of various Precast elements – Staircase, Balconies, Landings & Hollowcore slabs.....More

  Precast Units for a Mixed-Use Building in the UK

3D Modelling of Brick Clad Panels & addition of Reinforcement, Generation of Shop drawing and BBS from the Model & Addition of Fixing details . ....More

  Large Mixed-Use Development in London

PGT was assigned to prepare a 3D Tekla model and Shop drawings for complex precast wall panel units. First, the Unit Drawings had to be extracted from the Tekla Model....More

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