Precast / Residential Building

  Precast Tanks in the UK

Client was manufacturing the residential underground tanks for a residential complex in the UK. This tank included Precast walls and slabs...More

  Precast Settlement Tanks, in UK

Preparation of 3D Model of Precast tanks, Family Creation, GA drawings & 2D family details for annotation within sheet...More

  Old Age Home

This building is an old age home residential building. PGT’s scope of work is preparing 3D Model in Tekla for 543 Sandwich Wall Panels with Brick Cladding...More

  Residential Building

It was a cluster of 3 Buildings in which PGT’s scope was to prepare the detailed engineering package (General Arrangement Drawings, Shop Drawings – Unit Drawings and RC Drawings)...More

  Attenuation Tanks for Residential Complex

Preparation of 3D Model for Precast tank and Shop drawings with BBS...More

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