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Old Age Home Residential Building-Belgium

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About The Project

This building is an old age home residential building. PGT’s scope of work is preparing a 3D Model in Tekla for 543 Sandwich Wall Panels with Brick Cladding. The client was migrating to Tekla and this was the first time they were executing a project in Tekla. PGT supported the client in setting up their Tekla standards by deputing our Tekla Expert to the client's office in Belgium. We prepared all the drawings in Dutch.

Inputs Received:

- Structural Details and Drawings
- Architectural Plans
- Structural + Architectural IFC Model

Project Deliverable:

- 3D Model in Tekla
- Shop Drawings Along with BBS for Sandwich Wall Panels      with Brick Cladding


- Tekla Structures

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