PanGulfTech provides cutting-edge solutions tailored to drive continuous improvement in the processes for AEC and Manufacturing industries. Harnessing the latest technologies and best practices, we specialize in automation frameworks that endure, optimizing workflows and boosting productivity. 

With a relentless focus on innovation, we are expertise in CAD domain by providing multiple customizations dealing with complex geometries and data handling. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering sustainable, scalable automation strategies using geometry kernels and programming languages.Please understand more about the Software Services:

CAD – BIM Automation, Customization & Plug-In

Unlock efficiency and precision with our CAD-BIM Automation & Plugin Development services. From streamlining workflows to customizing plugins tailored to your specific needs, we empower your projects with cutting-edge automation solutions. Maximize productivity and accuracy while minimizing time and effort invested in routine tasks. Let us optimize your CAD-BIM processes for seamless, error-free performance.


• Seamlessly automate and optimize workflows.
• Fuel innovation with cutting-edge CAD-BIM API technology.
• Tailored solutions for customer unique needs.
• Data Exchange, interoperability of multiple CAD-BIM file format (Support)

CAD – BIM Platform Integration

Our expertise in integrating BIM platforms ensures smooth collaboration and data exchange across your project lifecycle. We facilitate interoperability, enabling you to harness the full potential of your BIM ecosystem. Enhance coordination, communication, and decision-making with our tailored integration solutions, driving efficiency and innovation in your projects


• Seamlessly integrate BIM platforms.​​
• Enhance collaboration and efficiency.​​
• Maximize BIM platform capabilities.

3D Cloud Applications

Experience the next frontier of CAD-BIM innovation with our Cloud, Mobile, and Desktop platform development solutions. Our cutting-edge development services empower you with seamless access to 3D CAD-BIM tools across all devices. From custom mobile applications for field data capture to robust desktop solutions for in-depth modeling, our services are tailored to meet your evolving needs. Harness the power of cloud computing to collaborate in real-time, streamline workflows, and unlock new levels of productivity and flexibility in your projects


• Develop custom 3D apps efficiently.​
• Custom Mobile, Desktop and Cloud App Development​

About Our Software Services

In the realm of construction, precision and efficiency are paramount. Utilizing advanced techniques such as precast concrete and rebar detailing not only ensures structural integrity but also streamlines the construction process. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these methodologies and how automation is revolutionizing the industry.

Precast Concrete Detailing:

Precast concrete offers numerous advantages, including reduced construction time, enhanced quality control, and minimized site disruptions. From sandwich wall panels to precast balconies, the versatility of precast elements caters to diverse architectural needs. Here’s a breakdown of key components and detailing considerations:

  • Wall Panels:
  • Sandwich Wall Panels: Featuring insulating properties, these panels offer thermal efficiency while maintaining structural robustness.
  • Solid Wall Panels: Providing structural support and aesthetic appeal, solid panels are ideal for various building applications.
  • Cladding Panels: Enhancing the facade with decorative elements and weatherproofing features.
  • Structural Members:
  • Columns, Beams, and Slab Panels: Engineered for optimal load-bearing capacity and structural stability.
  • Precast Stairs and Landing Panels: Offering efficient installation and seamless integration into building designs.
  • Utility Elements:
  • Precast Drainage Pits, Sump Pits, and Culverts: Designed to efficiently manage stormwater runoff and drainage systems.
  • Headwalls: Essential components for culverts and retaining walls, providing structural reinforcement and erosion control.

Rebar Detailing and Optimization:

Rebar detailing plays a crucial role in reinforcing concrete structures, ensuring durability and resilience against external forces. Automation in rebar detailing streamlines the process, optimizing material usage and minimizing waste. Key aspects of rebar detailing include:

  • Optimization Techniques:
  • Automated Reinforcement as per Design: Implementing advanced algorithms to generate reinforcement layouts tailored to structural requirements.
  • BBS (Bar Bending Schedule): Generating comprehensive schedules detailing the quantity, dimensions, and placement of reinforcement bars.
  • Formwork and Lifting Systems:
  • Formwork Design: Precision-engineered formwork solutions for molding concrete elements with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Lifter and Demolder Systems: Automated lifting mechanisms for handling precast elements during production and installation.

Automated 3D Modeling and Drawing Generation:

Automation revolutionizes the traditional approach to 3D modeling and drawing generation, expediting project timelines and reducing human error. Here’s how automated processes enhance efficiency:

  • General Arrangement (GA) and Production Drawings:
  • Automated GA Creation: Generating comprehensive layouts and assembly drawings for precast elements, ensuring accuracy in fabrication and installation.
  • Unit Drawings: Detailed drawings illustrating individual precast components with precise dimensions and specifications.
  • Rebar Modeling and Optimization:
  • Automated Rebar Generation: Utilizing algorithms to generate reinforcement layouts, optimizing material usage and minimizing manual intervention.
  • Schedule of Cast-In Items: Documenting embedded items such as anchor bolts and inserts, facilitating coordination with other trades and ensuring proper integration.

Incorporating automation in structural steel processes revolutionizes fabrication, erection, and quality control. From automated ABM generation to bolt checking systems, here’s how automation enhances efficiency:

  • Auto ABM Generation:
  • Automated Beam and Column Modeling: Streamlining the creation of complex structural elements, ensuring precision and consistency in design.
  • Shop Drawing Creation:
  • Automated Shop Drawing Generation: Generating detailed fabrication drawings with accuracy, expediting the manufacturing process and reducing lead times.
  • Quality Assurance:
  • Auto Bolt Checker: Implementing automated systems to verify bolt installation and torque values, ensuring structural integrity and safety.
  • Auto UDA: Facilitating the integration of material reports into project documentation, ensuring compliance with quality standards.

PanGulfTech provides automation in BIM process by developing software tools for Infrastructure, Architecture and MEP departments.

Providing automation tools increases productivity and efficiency in all the phases of BIM. It provides solutions for repetitive tasks, complex geometry creation and data handling.

Few tools developed to automate BIM process using Revit APIs are:

  • Automatically update parameter values of connected conduits and cable trays while modelling.
  • Exporting schedules.
  • Cleaning up existing parameter values.
  • Place instances of manhole family and form a network by connecting them with pipes.
  • Giving shape to floor/slab elements based on topography.
  • Automatically create views and sheets based on the number of levels in project and templates.
  • Create dependent views from scope boxes or matching settings in a linked model.
  • Automatically place new or existing views onto desired sheets.

In conclusion, the integration of precast concrete detailing, rebar optimization, structural steel automation and BIM automation enhances efficiency, accuracy, and quality in construction projects. Embracing technological advancements in 3D modelling and automation not only accelerates project timelines but also elevates the overall standard of construction practices.