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BIM Case Study - Industrial Project

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Project Description – BIM – Architectural & Structural Modeling.
Project Type – Industry Facility.
Client Role – Contractor
LOD (Level Of Detailing) – LOD300 for both Architecture & Structure Model.
Purpose of Modeling – For coordination with MEP Services & Intertrade Coordination.
Software Used – Revit, AutoCAD & Navisworks.
Software Version - Revit 2023.
Inputs Received - IFC drawings in CAD & PDF format.
Area of the Project - 42,770 Sq. M.
Project Deliverables - LOD 300 Revit Model.


- This project has two buildings - Building 1 & Building 2.
Building 1 has a total of six levels and a height of 15.5m. Similarly, Building 2 has a total of six levels and a height of 15.5m.
- Both Buildings have two staircases and two elevators.
- PGT should create a model based on the input received as per different disciplines.
- As it is PEB construction, some of the structural members are fabricated at the site/ shop and PGT must create the framing as per the standard.


- BIM model includes floors, walls, floor & wall finishes, doors, windows, furniture, casework ceilings, roller shutters, ramps lift as a placeholder, bollards, and an access ladder for Architecture Scope.
- BIM model includes foundation, grade beams, concrete walls, concrete beams and concrete columns, concrete floors, staircase, steel beam, joist, bracing, concrete pad, trench, pit, staircase, railing, roof Z purlins, crane modeling as generic Revit family and Equipment will show as a massing for Structural Scope.
- Created model groups of typical structural columns and structural framing for both buildings.
- Create model groups for typical bathroom, access ladder, and office cubical furniture modeling for both buildings.
- Project BIM Implementation - PGT has followed an infinite dimensional modeling process and created an intelligent model, which gives a visualization at an early stage of the project.
- BIM Project Planning - PGT had done this model within two weeks.
- BIM Modeling and Collaboration – PGT has created groups for modeling to save time and their construction process as needed. PGT has collaborated with the model in their BIM360 server to create a better and smooth modeling process.
- BIM coordination and Clash Detection - PGT has used NAVISWORKS for the coordination and clash detection among different disciplines using BIM. After getting a clash report PGT used to resolve in their Revit model by element ID.
- BIM data management - PGT has used its own BIM360 server for the data management for this project.
- BIM deliverables and Project Outcome - PGT has shared a link to the Client for the latest model review.


- PGT has used PEB (Pre-Engineered buildings) construction process for this project. This is basically steel structures, structural members like columns, roof truss, purlins, etc. being pre-fabricated in a factory in accordance with the design specifications and they are erected in the site, joined together using bolts.
- The prefabricated structural members are usually “I” sections. The foundations of these buildings are conventional concrete foundations to support the lighter superstructure and to carry loads. The floors of such buildings are also built of conventional concrete.
- This type of pre-engineered building is preferred for Low-rise industrial buildings
Power plants
Airport Hangers
Parking lots
Factories etc.

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