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Medical Office Project, USA

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Project Type:


Adopted Standards:

City of Frisco Standards

Project Deliverable:

Revit model LOD at 300, Model based 50% and 90% Permit Set of pdf drawings


Revit 2021

Plot Area:

Site- 140,000 SF (3.48 Acres) Building- 30,000 SF


Texas, USA


CAD and PDF Drawings: 

  • Architectural Drawings set with dimensions of building offsets, angles, building heights, reveals and other elevation members.
  • Information related to wall types, floor, ceiling, door, window, topographical survey and other necessary information.
  • Wall Sections with details of roofs, truss, foundation, jambs, heads profile etc. in AutoCAD format.

Project Summary:

CAD and PDF Drawings: 

  • The project is a 2 storied Medical Office consisting of building core and shell.
  • The building occupies 15,000 Sq.ft of land on 140,000 Sq.ft (3.48 Acres) of Plot area.
  • The development was done for approximately +/- 30,000 Sq.ft area for 2 storied building.
  • 3.48 Acres of Site includes parking, driveway, curbs, demarcation for grass, plantation and trash enclosures.

BIM Scope Of Work:

  • Complete Revit Model to LOD 300.
  • The scope included modelling: Retail building and Site modelling.
  • Retail Building: BIM Model includes floor, walls, doors, windows, storefronts, canopies, ceiling, railings, finishes, roof & roof hatches, light fixtures, downspouts, scuppers and Columns visible in arch drawings.
  • Site modelling: BIM model includes parking, driveway, curbs, demarcation for grass, plantation, trash enclosures.
  • Preparing Model based 50% and 90% pdf set of Permit drawings to comply with City of Frisco Standards.
  • All the documentation including Site Plan, Floorplans, Elevations and Plan and Sectional Detail Views such as Canopy details,Stair details, Elevator details, Roof details; Door Window Schedules, Wall type details and Interior elevations.

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