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Steel Case Study - Commercial Project, USA
(Mixed-use Development Concept)

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The Baker’s Place project in USA, Wisconsin is a new 14-story mass timber mixed-use development that will create 206 homes and preserve the oldest historic piece of the original Gardner Baking Co. Building. Our expertise and mixed blend of high-end automation tools helped us pass through easily.




Around 1,200 Tons


3D Model in Tekla Erection & Shop Drawings BOM, KISS / NC Files Design and Calculations for Stairs and Handrails, CLT panel coordination & supplying Screws, Drag connections for CLT panels


The commercial project we undertook was characterized by its fast-paced nature, requiring extensive coordination with other trades. In this challenging environment, PGT rose to the occasion by employing in-house automation tools developed in Tekla to expedite the modelling process, particularly for repetitive members. This approach allowed us to keep up with the project's demanding timeline.
A crucial aspect of our success was the seamless coordination between our steelworks and other trades, such as Plumbing, Fire Safety, and CLT panels. PGT diligently referred to all the drawings from these trades and incorporated their specifications into our model. Additionally, we provided exported files to facilitate effective collaboration, ensuring smooth and efficient project completion.
Overall, PGT's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and efficiency played a vital role in the successful execution of this commercial project. We take pride in our ability to adapt to the challenges and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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